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Mission Statement

To provide our clients with the funds they need as quickly as possible while still providing unequaled customer service

How Does It Work?


Complete the online application to receive an instant pre-approval (in under 3 minutes).


You provide proof of employment online by uploading pay stubs, bank statements or other verifications.


Our loan officers review complete applications as soon as they are received.


Once approved, loan requests are sent for deposit. See deposit times.


Your payment is automatically set for your next pay date.


You can re-borrow any time after your payment clears. Your credit limit grows with the payments you make.

Welcome to Cash Cash

A Canadian payday loan company

A Canadian payday loan company that provides a fast cash advance. No hassle, no fuss with our easy online application. Need fast, instant money for an unexpected emergency when your pay cheque is tied up. Get a cash advance to your bank account with no credit check and no faxing in minutes. We service Ontario residents with instant cash approvals. We are not a bank or a credit union – we are here to help with your short term cash flow problems.

Borrow Online from the convenience of your home or office. You don't have to leave home or work to get money. Everything is done online.   You can borrow cash quickly and easily. The money can be in your account today.

Once approved money is deposited directly to your existing bank account. No special debit cards and no additional charges or delays.

Apply Online Now!

The online application is simple. And once you are a client, re-borrowing is even easier.

24/7 Convenience

Your loan is available online, anytime. For payment amounts, payment dates, re-loan requests, and changes to your info.

No Faxing

Just upload your employment verification to your online account.

Same Day Deposit

Loans approved before 1pm EST/EDT are deposited the same day. After 1pm it is the following morning.*Weekdays

Friendly Staff

Work diligently to serve your loan needs by responding to client requests as soon as possible.

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